If you’re not here for my thoughts on Vulcans, then you’re probably here for this: a relatively thorough bibliography of my writing. Updated as needed. Some works credited under my former name.


Heisenberg’s Uncertainty—  Parenthesis: A New Generation in Short Fiction, March 2006

A Brief History of Whaling with Remarks Upon Ancient Practices— Lightspeed Magazine: Queers Destroy Science Fiction, June 2015

Glaciers Made You-Strange Horizons, September 2015

(Long-listed for the BSFA in short fiction, and winner of the 2015 Strange Horizons reader poll for short fiction in 2015.)

If Ramgoth the Unyielding Were Your Boyfriend— WordPress, September 2015

Painted Grassy Mire— Shimmer, July 2016


The Tourist— Strange Horizons, July 2016

The “Trans Tax”: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Leaving My House— Rewire, May 2017


the devil riding your back— Liminality, October 2014

Lola— Strange Horizons, July 2015

Aswang Balikbayan— WordPress, December 2015

Even If You Want ToInkscrawl, December 2015

Elegy For The Hulk— Liminality, Spring 2016

Except Thou Bless Me— Uncanny Magazine, February 2017


Luminosity– Beyond: an Anthology of Queer SF/F ComicsSeptember 2015


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